Screening And Vaccination Can Help Beat Cervical Cancer

Vwani cervical cancer sketch

I’ve talked about cancer a number of times before, actually, the first article I ever posted online was a story on cancer. Cancer is deadly most common lately is cervical cancer, no woman is ready to hear a word like that in their ears. Being a core player, together with physicians, nurses and data managers in creating cervical cancer awareness, it’s always my pleasure to say a word or two about cervical cancer – the most common cause of gynecological cancer being malignant neoplasm arising from cells of the cervical wall.

I noted that there is a relative paucity of cervical centers in Kenya and this calls for an urgent need to direct health planning efforts to adapt effective systems that will ensure proper provision of services such as clinical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment through a coordinated team of cervical cancer providers in a compassionate patient – centered environment. Most women realize they are victims of cervical cancer when it’s too late, at the age of 30 years and above when complications have developed. This is usually a challenge to most doctors where integrating and proper sequencing of treatment modalities is critical. This is one reason why it’s advisable for every young woman to take that bold step and go for cervical cancer testing, actually, every woman above 21 years of age needs a “pap”.

Until recently the number of those going for cervical cancer screening was very low. Most would wait until complications arose before taking action. Worrying is most youths these days are engaging in early coitus with multiple sexual partners. The number is expected to rise most researchers predict. And this calls for continuous awareness to the public by healthcare providers.

There is the need for proper data keeping that shows the number of new cases and those that have undergone successful therapy. Clinical audits for cervical cancer can be readily doable with transparency and can be eventually fed into the cancer registry. This will help put measures in place to enable free screening is accessible to almost every woman. Thanks to CERVERIX® and human papillomavirus vaccine because there is hope of eradicating this deadly disease, they say prevention is better than cure.

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