TENA MEN Protective Underwear For INCONTINENCE

tena men

YOUR PRESCRIPTION is going to me expensive, troubles that come with old age. You notice this while seeking advice from your healthcare provider before you make a decision on how to deal with your problem, INCONTINENCE. Incontinence refers to involuntary urine leakage and is associated with bladder control. Incontinence can either be urinary or fecal, urinalysis being common.

Diapers for men are available in the Kenyan market!? Actually a mean TENA men level 4 protective underwear. Now this contradicts what people usually say, “The only man you can change is the one in a diaper ” 
These new diapers (of course they’ve been there) almost got my eyes popped out the first time I learned about them. All I knew from lavish TV adverts diapers were for babies, the likes of pampers, huggies, mamy poko e.t.c

Incontinence has been a taboo topic among most African communities and sadly today it’s still something people are not comfortable talking about in public. This is due to the embarrassment and the feeling of being out of place one gets. Recently you can guess how surprised I was to see adult diapers for men in one of the leading shops in Nairobi. TENA men Level 2 & 4 ,designed specifically for the male anatomy. How amazing that your underwear is your diaper and you don’t need to wear two things.

TENA men comes with unique advantages, the untoward smell that comes with urine is history, its textile – like backing for natural comfort automatically proves that there is no diaper better than this for men, also just to mention again, with leak proof backing there is no staining. Above all the the technology behind its production, the ultra absorbed core made of polymers that instantly lock liquid keeping you dry without any leaks.

Though mostly children at early age and the elderly are the ones who experience incontinence a lot, anyone can experience incontinence at any age. Because of the major effects which result consequently after giving birth , adult incontinence is more common in women than men. This is the reason why few men who are out there are shy to come out and seek for help. Problem is most guys don’t know what could be the cause for incontinence. Some of these factors include injuries in the spinal cord, constipation, parkinson disease, weak or damaged bladder, infection of the urinary tract e.t.c

But diapers are short term supplementary or temporary because incontinence is treatable, TENA men can help you rescue the embarrassment.

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