The Community Pharmacy

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We know that a pharmacy also referred to as a chemist is where we go when we need medicines to treat various types of diseases. 

There are different types of pharmacies, a community pharmacy-being a type of pharmacy is the most common setup existing. In Kenya, most pharmacies fall under the community pharmacy category.

A community pharmacy could be independently owned or be a chain of pharmacies corporately owned.

For the independent pharmacy, a Pharmacist or a Pharmaceutical Technologist handles all store operations. For instance, ordering medicines, handling cash, and dispensing medicines to clients. On the other hand, the chain pharmacy will have some business operations done at the branch level but mostly everything is controlled centrally from a head office.

Generally, a community pharmacy provides healthcare to a specific community which includes drugs and other complementary services. 


There are three things that are common with the community pharmacy;

Consultation room.

Meant for patient privacy when counseling them on medicines where their privacy is key.


Many community pharmacies have now morphed while new ones are embracing the need of having supplements in the facilities.

Beauty products

Modern community pharmacies are ensuring that they are structured to have beauty products and a beauty expert (the products or both).


  • What’s good about a community pharmacy?
  • How Does a Community Pharmacy Help the Community?
Affordable medicines

It is cheaper to get good quality medicines from a community pharmacy as compared to any type of pharmacy.

Open extended hours and easily accessible

Most community pharmacies open very early in the morning and close late at night therefore if you are a morning person you can pass by a community pharmacy and get your medicines same to when you are leaving work late

Supplements, Beauty and OTC medicines

there is a vast range of supplements beauty products and OTC products which are basic items that you would find in one place.

Can negotiate

There is always an opportunity to bargain when you feel the prices are high, a pharmacist or pharmaceutical technologist will recommend a cheaper generic option or give you the best discounts possible.

Easier to fill a prescription

No long queues like the one’s experienced in the hospitals,

Instead of wasting time queuing in the hospital for medicines, a well-stocked community pharmacy near your workplace or where you live can save you so much time.

Complementary services

These are customized services provided by the community pharmacy

You can easily get a BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, or blood glucose checkups done either free of charge or at a small fee.

You can also get your vaccine jab administered by a Pharmacist, trained Pharmaceutical Technologist or registered nurse.

Patient Counselling

General counseling is offered in most community pharmacies free of charge including family planning/contraceptive use and advice on supplements.


A pharmacist or a pharmaceutical technologist can help you understand your signs and symptoms before taking action to see a physician.

Delivery services

When you don’t wish to get out of your house, you can call and place an order at your nearest community pharmacy and let them deliver the medicine to your doorstep.


The community pharmacy in Kenya continues to expand exponentially and this overall growth is mirrored by the year-on-year increasing number of new pharmacies opening.

This is a good trend which will see affordable healthcare is easily accessible to everyone.

I know there is a lot that a community pharmacy can do, feel free to add in the comment section,

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