The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

Author: Robin Sharma

A young lawyer at the age of 53 finds himself in the hospital battling for his life in the ICU. It appears that Julian had been living a reckless and meaningless lifestyle. At a young age he looked old and overweight and lost. While in the hospital his close friend and PA learns that Julian has given up his practice sold his mansion, plane, private jet and even his Ferrari – gone to India to find a life.

The book is short, straight forward, and easy to read and comprehend. A conversation between John and Julian is narrated by John. This is three years later when Julian emerges from nowhere and shows up at John’s office. He is a changed person, young and full of energy. The story starts with Julian explaining his whereabouts; this is where the life lessons begin. Julian talks about what he learned from the sages of Sivana. Diet, meditation, self-responsibility and many more teachings from the sages of Sivana developed a personal change in Julian he had to reinvent his destiny to self-mastery.

I found out that so many people have already read this book; I wished I had discovered it several years ago. But that doesn’t mean it is late to make a personal change and live a fulfilling joyful and spontaneous lifestyle. The book has changed and transformed my lifestyle and I am thankful for that. If you have read it like I was before, what are you waiting for?