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The Pharmaceutical Technologist

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A pharmaceutical technologist is a healthcare professional working in a pharmacy directly involved with patient care and handling medicines.

There are different roles for a pharmaceutical technologist depending on the type of pharmacy they are working in or institution.

A pharmaceutical technologist can work in the following areas in Kenya:

  • Hospital pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Technologists can work in a government hospital under a pharmacist or in the private sector mostly to fill patient’s prescriptions and ensure all departments in a hospital get the medicines they need and are running smoothly.

  • Community pharmacy

This is mostly pharmacies doing retail, a pharmaceutical technologist has more to offer here since they are involved in taking the patient history and advising according and not limited to only filling prescriptions.

  • Wholesale pharmacy

These are pharmacies that take bulk orders from retail pharmacies, the orders can be taken by a pharmaceutical technologist who will ensure the orders reach the clients on times.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

There are few positions for pharmaceutical technologists in the industry sector since Kenya has few pharmaceutical manufactures however there is possibilities to work in this sector for anyone interested.

  • Pharmaceutical sales representative

This job involves visiting doctors, clinics and pharmacies to market a specific product or products which are either new or existing in the market,

  • Inspector of drugs

Probably the most competitive position because it is the minimum requirement by the board. The roll involves cracking down illegal pharmacies which are not registered with the PPB or unregistered personnel carrying duties of a pharmaceutical technologist. 


Diploma in pharmacy

Must complete 3 years of training in an institution recognized by the PBB (Pharmacy and Poison’s Board)

Must do a PPB exam and pass before getting enrolled which means their name will appear on the board’s roll.

Before practicing, a pharmaceutical technologist needs to have a certificate of enrolment upon payment of a prescribed fee and/or

A practicing license if operating a pharmacy business which is valid for one year i.e. 1st January to 31st December.

(practicing without a license is considered a professional misconduct and is punishable by the pharmacy and poisons board)

General duties of a pharmaceutical technologist

Sale of Specific categories of medicines, i.e. OTC (Over the Counter) medicines and prescription only medicines (POM)

Preparing dosages and compounding

Dispensing prescriptions from doctors

Drug supply management

Patient counselling

Connecting patients to doctors and other healthcare providers

Satisfy customers through face-to-face interactions or over the phone transactions

Record keeping/Organizing pharmacy inventory

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