We Are Moving Out! Did You Say School Kids Are Having Casual Sex?

YOUR PRESCRIPTION, this August you will never believe the quotation… prices just shot up! Prices of most drugs you’ll discover have have gone up, could be because of the “dollar effect” ,the Kenyan shilling against the dollar.

That’s not important for now, I’ve been busy lately because soon we will be moving to a new server. How exciting does it feel having something I can own? But moving to a new house ain’t that easy, there are few things you have to handle; fix the shower, replace a broken window, fit a new bulb e.t.c. Problem is, I’m doing the donkey job of editing the HTML texts and stuff, I’ll miss blogger for real. 

Meanwhile, we will still use this “old” site until everything is fixed since it might take a little longer to come up with a decent home. I’ll admit I know less about web design… it’s not my area of specialization, so what’s cooking up is a trial and error thing. But thanks because I’m learning a lot at the moment and I appreciate everything am learning daily.

And this could be the reason why I haven’t been tweeting regularly.I got surprised checking my TLs today.  Mmmh minors were having casual sex in a bus?  What is worse, they were smoking weed of all the things. DRUGS ARE BAD, DRUGS KILL, DRUGS CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE. This is too much freedom we are giving our kids folks.

Who could do such a thing during our time?  Lol, I’m not that old huh. Casual sex is everywhere these days. Why do parents feel it’s taboo to talk about sex to there kids? Was it just yesterday we had discussions about #condomForKids? Kids are having raw sex, but who do we blame?  Teachers blame parents parents blame teachers.

Today’s media is a fail, this idea guys posting crazy stuff on social media and walking in the streets like nothing happened should stop. Most of us have been influenced by media portrayal of love and romance, so it’s easy to base our expectations on these stereotypes which should not be the case. 

Am going to spend more time offline than online… working for the move-out move-in. I can’t promise how soon but I am proud I’ve already made a few good moves so far. 

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